Mint Condition

The following is a guest post that is appearing on The Lovely Lemon in a few weeks. Sara is a sweet friend of mine and I would totally love it if you would check out her blog. If you like Homemaker Chic you will LOVE The Lovely Lemon. She is so creative and unique and if you don’t follow her blog you will be missing out big time.

Sara and I go waaaay back to church youth group days. I always remember her being quiet and behind the scenes, and I never knew she had all this creativity in her. About a year ago we reconnected on Facebook and I was so pleased to find The Lovely Lemon. Between her crafty goods, her gorgeous photography, and charming writing style, she’s made a loyal reader out of me!

When Sara asked me to do a guest post for her I was pretty sure I knew what it would be about. As I began to research the colors, textures, patterns and trends that are inspiring me these days, the theme MINT kept coming up. Mint in every area. The color, the fashion trends, the flavour! I absolutely love how trends these days are filtering into every aspect of pop culture. Haute Couture Fashion Designers started added Mint fabrics to their spring collections and soon the color was showing up in jewelry, craft stores, paper goods, on walls and home decor, in nail polish, on a partridge in a pear tree. Here are a few ways mint is inspiring me.


Mint Dresses, Jeans, Jewelry and Heels are all the rage these days. Mint is so soft and feminine especially when paired with sweet chiffon fabrics and girl bows and florals.


Mint is a surprisingly subtle tone to add to a cool color pallet for a serene living space. I love the use of this color in combination with both rustic distressed environments as well as slick modern decor. It is so very versatile. Try color blocking with strategically placed furniture pieces, or get bold and paint the ceiling!


If I hear another bride tell me her wedding color is purple I’m going to scream. Can’t we get more creative with the color choices? Mint is such a wonderful option for a wedding! It is soft and classy, and creates a magical look for that special day. Why not be gutsy and wear a mint wedding gown! Wouldn’t that be unique?


I’m not sure if its the southern gal in me or not, but I am a HUGE fan of the Mint Julep. What’s not to love? Its sweet, its cool, its minty, its bourbon- So refreshing. Well what if you took all the wonderful things about Mint Juleps and put that in a cupcake? Wow. My mind has been sufficiently blown. (Click the image for the recipe)

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9 thoughts on “Mint Condition

    1. Homemaker Chic Post author

      I have a set of jadeite too! I love them. Sometimes they appear on this blog when I photograph food for recipes. And I’m totally with you on the wedding dress. I wish I had been that gutsy!

  1. ashley arous

    Whats the name of that mint in the office? Im in love with it. I tryed to go to home Depot but I couldn’t find it


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